Voluntary transfers

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You may wish to transfer land, voluntarily, to another member of the family. Alternatively you might be the person that somebody wishes to voluntarily transfer land to.

Either way, we can assist in this regard.

Under the Solicitors (Professional Practice, Conduct and Discipline – Conveyancing Conflict of Interest) Regulation 2012, we are unable to act on behalf of both parties in such a transaction but we can act on behalf of the benefactor or the beneficiary.

In the case of the benefactor we will outline the steps necessary to effect the transfer and the effects of the finalisation of same and discuss measures which can be availed of to secure your position in the future.

In the case of the beneficiary we will deal with Stamp Duty on your behalf, advise you on potential exposure to Capital Acquisitions Tax, and effect your registration as owner of lands in the Property Registration Authority.

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